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Using the Website

1. Selecting a destination country is compulsory for doing a hotel search. Users can also select a city, Emirate or region to further refine their search.

2. Hit the Search Hotels button to see all hotels in the selected destination or refine your search with a selection of preferences such as ‘beach’, ‘city’ and select your preferred star rating or Cranley Rating. A search can also be done on a hotel name before hitting the Search Hotels button.

3.  On the search results pages, look out for the Traveller Information tabs at the top of the page and the links down the left of the page to find valuable information on your destination such as Background, Weather, Health, Currency, Airports, Safety, Medical Facilities, Map, Golf Courses and Beaches.

4. On the search results pages, also look out for the Map these results tabs at the top of the page for better hotel location choices.

5. Select a short-list of hotels to Add to Compare from your search results and select the hotels you want to compare side-by-side from your short-list which appears down the left of the page.

6. Hit the View Cranley Report button to view the Cranley Report® for the hotel of your choice.

7. Customise a Cranley Report® by selecting the sections at the top of the Cranley Report® that you want to include in your customised report.

8. For availability, pricing and direct bookings with the hotel, we provide an easy click-through to the hotel's reservations page for which we take no fee or booking commission