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About Cranley

Cranley is an independent company dedicated to providing truly independent ratings and detailed information on hotels around the world. To secure its independence Cranley takes no bookings and therefore no booking commissions. Our independent reviews are performed consistently between hotels and countries to help you make more informed selections based on individual requirements.

How it started

With careers in financial services Mike Murray and Joaquim Rodrigues are two British Chartered Accountants who launched Cranley following extensive research on travel trends and consumer needs as well as their own personal travel experiences across over 70 countries highlighting a need for more detailed and consistent independent on-line hotel information and globally consistent independent hotel ratings. Cranley was founded on the basis of models employed by independent audit firms, corporate ratings and information providers.

Hotels Today

Travel experience has shown that there are often significant differences in the standard and quality of hotels displaying similar ratings and branding around the world, particularly from country to country. Furthermore, travellers often experience hotel disappointments simply because the property wasn’t what the traveller expected due a lack of detailed objective research information and photographs.


Cranley is a ratings and information provider and does not take any hotel bookings or receive any booking commissions. We provide a hyperlink click-through to each hotel’s website reservations page for travelers to check availability, prices or make a reservation. A Cranley Report® is included on the Cranley website for all hotels who subscribe. Cranley will also list summary information on hotels that have not been rated in order to provide visitors to the site with a complete reference site of premier hotels for a particular location. Cranley retains full editorial rights over the reports it issues.

Cranley Ratings

Research into hotel ratings around the world shows numerous symbols being used. These include stars, diamonds and crowns as well as keys, suns, dots, rosettes, letters (such as the Greek A to E) and descriptions (such as ‘Deluxe’ or ‘Superior’). Almost all of these follow a 5 category or 4 category system such as the classic 5 star ratings. By introducing a 12 category system, Cranley ratings are more informative than most current systems and will be applied consistently from country to country, ensuring that a hotel in one country can be compared with one in another country.

The Cranley rating system is set to be dynamic by accommodating new developments in global accommodation standards and visitor preferences and by reflecting the relative quality and standards of one property to another as opposed to the relatively fixed standard criteria most countries and operators apply today. Every rated property is reviewed by Cranley at least once a year and may be reviewed more often if required. Read more about Cranley Ratings

Cranley Information

Hotel information is mostly provided today by those who cannot be said to be independent; the hotel itself, travel agents and tour operators and in many cases the information is provided only at summary level, including travel guides. Some blog sites are now trying to fill the information gap through ‘user reviews’ and ‘user ratings’, but review content is inevitably specific to the personal experiences of the particular travellers writing the reviews and could therefore be inconsistent, biased or incomplete. Cranley provides a consistent format, complete and objective independent hotel report.

Cranley produces a detailed hotel report, which it believes will become a benchmark for truly informative and trusted independent hotel information. Its Cranley Report® will help travellers make more informed decisions and give them greater comparison capability. Cranley also provides basic Country and City information that includes useful information such as background, weather, climate, currency, maps and health information.

Unique Position

International rating systems and previous attempts at global harmonisation were researched by Cranley, including the findings of the World Tourism Organisation and International Hotel & Restaurant Association’s research into hotel classification in 108 countries. By not being affiliated to any government or regulatory body or to any travel booking company, Cranley believes it is perfectly placed to fill a gap in the market for independent ratings and information in much the same way as companies like Standard & Poors, Moodys and Reuters have done in providing independent and trusted company ratings and information.

Why Use Cranley

Following its extensive research of websites and travel developments over a period of almost two years, Cranley is providing a truly unique and independent ratings and information service to travellers who research and book hotels on-line. The Cranley proposition offers:

the most detailed independent hotel report available today that includes Cranley Comments on the key areas travellers are most interested in
the ability to search hotels by selecting preferences such as ‘city’, ‘beach’, star ratings or location
the ability to map hotels on a local map to make more informed location choices
the ability to focus in detail on key areas of interest in the hotel such as its location, rooms,
restaurants, bars, business facilities, pools, beaches, golf courses, special needs facilities or children’s facilities and the ability to customise the hotel report to their own needs
a consistent report format with the ability to compare up to 3 hotels side-by-side at a detailed level for the sections of most interest to the traveller
reassurance that the content of the Cranley Report® was collated and reviewed by a Cranley reviewer visiting the hotel at least once a year and has been independently rated in line with the Cranley Ratings policy.
a hyperlink to the hotel’s reservations website page is available for checking room availability and prices to allow users the ability to book direct with the hotel
basic country and city information on events, exchange rates, weather, maps, climate, airports, health and security

Cranley is not a booking engine and does not take any commissions on bookings or on any click-through to the hotel’s website, making it a truly independent voice in the market.