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Welcome to the world's foremost provider of independent hotel information and ratings
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Cranley® provides the most detailed independent hotel reviews available in the world today. Cranley uses its own independent hotel rating system to rate hotels on a consistent basis from country to country. Its hotel reviews are presented in a consistent hotel report making it easier to compare hotel facilities and services.

Cranley® hotel reviewers are trained to provide the most valuable hotel information on every hotel. A hotel review by Cranley can take up to 5 days to complete including a stay of between 1 and 3 nights at the hotel.

From the hundreds of sites offering hotel reviews and hotel user ratings, Cranley is the most valuable independent resource to travellers thinking of staying at any premier hotel covered by Cranley. Cranley takes no commissions from hotels and is therefore a truly independent provider of hotel information and ratings. 

Cranley® provides detailed hotel information on hotel location, rooms, restaurants, bars, beaches, pools, sport, golf, children’s facilities, spa, gym and business facilities in a consistent format hotel report. Its trademark report is a ‘must have’ for all potential hotel guests. Hotel reviews include restaurant reviews and reviews on every facility and amenity offered by the hotel including special needs facilities and environmental practices.  

Cranley Reports® were launched with Dubai hotels in 2006 followed soon by Abu Dhabi hotels and Sharjah hotels. Within 6 months of launch Cranley listed hotel reviews for Oman hotels and selected Jordan hotels, setting benchmarks in hotel ratings for the Middle East. This was followed by a selection of Cyprus hotels in early 2007 and later in the year by hotels in Budapest. Most recently Cranley has started to list reviews for a selection of premier London hotels. A selection of Boston hotels are the first hotels to be listed in the US and will be followed soon by hotel reviews for hotels in other major US and European cities. 

Travellers no longer need to rely on hotel information and ratings provided by hotels, travel agents, tour operators and tourist boards that all have a vested interest in hotel bookings. Nor do they have to rely on opinions in hotel reviews posted by unknown travellers or sometimes by the hotels themselves as exposed in the Sunday Times on 12 November 2006. 

Cranley® offers travellers a unique service:
Truly independent and detailed hotel reviews including hotel photographs in various sections in a consistent report format to make it easier to compare hotels
Cranley Ratings for hotels on a method applied consistently around the world
Enhanced hotel search, mapping and compare capability

For more information on Cranley, go to the information buttons to the left of this page to read ‘About Cranley’, ‘Cranley Ratings’ and our ‘Sample Report’.